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Welcome to Authentic Conscious Living! We are a community dedicated to promoting mindfulness, well-being, and sustainable living. Our mission is to inspire and empower individuals to live a more conscious and authentic life. Through our articles, workshops, and events, we provide valuable insights and practical tools to help you cultivate self-awareness, make conscious choices, and create positive change in your life and the world around you. Join us on this transformative journey towards a more conscious and fulfilling life.

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It’s hard to put into words the positive effect that Saulan’s life coaching has had on me. She truly is a remarkable woman with an uncanny intuition. 2 months ago I would never have imagined that I would be in the mindset that I now find myself in. This is all thanks to Saulan and her guidance and encouragement in my future path. Saulan has given me fresh insight as to what was holding me back and I always walk away from our sessions feeling physically taller and mentally stronger. I genuinely do not believe that I would feel so empowered and optimistic towards my goals and even everyday life without Saulan’s influence. I’m so appreciative that I received coaching sessions from Saulan and I will ensure that I continue to use the tools that she has given me to make the changes in my life that I choose.


When identifying a single phrase to describe my experience with Saulan, my mind inevitably concludes that she is “a blessing in disguise.” With all the mental stressors that come with transitioning to a new country to giving birth, Saulan is the perfect psychological reinforcement with her optimistic vitality and consistent support. She coached me to be life coach and her advice is tailored to my personal aspirations where she gives me one-on-one suggestions that I am confident cannot be found elsewhere. She has provided me with all the resources, tactics, and guidance I need to market myself and pursue an undeniably successful strategy. Saulan has provided me with an exeprience, exposure, and increased knowledge on how to situate myself in a career I truly aspire for. I wish Saulan best of luck and highly recommend hire her for coaching and mentoring.


Saulan provided me with a safe and open space to share thoughts, experiences and insight. She had a genuine interest in what I had to say and share which allowed me to feel heard and understood. The insight she provided was very useful to my everyday life and allowed me to look at my current situation from a different perspective. She supported me to see my inner potential which I will always be grateful for. Highly recommend.

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